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GraPL is a professional charting engine which produces high-quality graphs, ideal for publication in journals and magazines, inclusion in other documents or deployment on the Internet in the VML or SVG vector formats as well as conventional images. By simplifying the process of making standard charts (barcharts, pie charts, timeseries ...), GraPL makes it easy to create more specialised graphs which combine the basic types in any way you choose.

SharpPlot charts for .net

Are you using (C#, etc.) Mono or in your application. If so you need SharpPlot - our .net charting tool. SharpPlot is a fully managed version of the GraPL engine with all the same capabilities as you see here, but ideal for use on web servers or as part of a .Net application.

Graph of the Day

Scripts to make many similar charts are included with the trial download, both in ASP and VBScript format.

GraPL Desktop 2.2

Priced for educational and personal use, GraPL Desktop is an ideal tool for home users, but also a superb educational resource for use in schools and universities. Our collection of special chart types gives you an advantage in creating coursework for scientific subjects, geography and mathematics.

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